Five Reasons To Utilize Vehicle Storage

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Being a vehicle owner opens the door to endless opportunities for travel, recreation, and more. However, it can also bring the responsibility of needing to provide adequate parking while not in use. It can be difficult to store vehicles at home, especially for those who own a boat, RV, trailer, or multiple vehicles. If you live in a neighborhood with an HOA, you likely also face regulations about where vehicles can be parked and for how long.  

Thankfully, Superior Storage is here to help. We offer several options for vehicle storage at our facilities across the country. In addition to uncovered outdoor vehicle parking spaces, we offer indoor vehicle storage units at select locations. Whether you’re looking for a place to park your fishing boat, tailgating trailer, fleet of work trucks, or an extra car, we’ve got you covered. 

The experts at Superior Storage dive into why renting vehicle storage is a smart move, the benefits it can provide, and what steps you need to take before storing your car, boat, or RV.

1. Limited Driveway Space

One of the main reasons many people rent storage for vehicles is a lack of parking space at home. Having a spacious driveway or a personal garage can be a luxury, depending on where you live. Parking on the street isn’t always a safe or convenient option either, given the risk of potential theft, vandalism, or weather damage. 

Renting vehicle parking from a dependable storage facility is the perfect way to navigate spatial constraints. In addition to providing space you don’t otherwise have in your garage or driveway, they also help ensure the longevity of your vehicle and provide you with peace of mind.

2. Neighborhood Rules and Regulations

Residential communities or homeowners associations often have strict rules in place when it comes to parking outdoors, especially with RVs and boats. These can vary widely, with some guidelines prohibiting parking on the street, in your yard, or even in your driveway. Violating these rules can lead to uncomfortable confrontations with neighbors and city officials and may even result in considerable fines.

Utilizing vehicle storage units allows you to abide by these rules while ensuring your vehicle remains easily accessible. These facilities provide a convenient residential storage solution for your vehicles, helping you follow all regulations and avoid neighborhood conflict.

3. Boat and RV Storage Near Local Landmarks

A boat sits covered in a white wrap at a vehicle storage facility.

If you love exploring the outdoors, you’ve likely noticed that finding a space to park your RV, boat, or other vehicles can be difficult when you return home—particularly if you live in a densely populated area. If you travel far to your preferred park or fishing spot, you don’t want the hassle of towing your vehicles a long way down the highway.

Finding a facility that offers boat storage and RV storage near your favorite outdoor destinations opens the door to adventure without the stress of long-distance transportation. Renting vehicle storage can give you additional space at your home while providing peace of mind, knowing your vehicles are right down the road from your preferred lake or RV campground.

4. Seasonal Vehicles

Owners of seasonal vehicles may not require year-round space, but renting a month-to-month vehicle storage unit can still be valuable. If you have a boat you can’t take out during the winter months or a camper that hibernates until springtime, consider investing in seasonal vehicle storage. Month-to-month leases allow you to rent for exactly the amount of time you need, whether just for the offseason or year-round. If you live in an area with harsh winter weather, a large drive-up storage unit provides additional protection from the elements, which can be valuable when searching for motorcycle or classic car storage near you.

Superior Storage’s options for car and vehicle storage offer the perfect solution to problems with offseason storage for seasonal vehicles. You won’t have to worry about squeezing past your boat in the garage or backing up around the RV in your driveway anymore after investing in additional space with us.

5. Transitioning, Moving, or Traveling

Life is full of transitional periods and major changes. During these times, finding space for your vehicles can be a source of unnecessary stress. Whether you’re in the middle of a move, heading overseas for an extended time, or transitioning between homes, renting vehicle storage can be tremendously helpful. It provides a temporary home for your vehicle until you have the space necessary to keep it yourself. 

This can be a particularly wise investment for military personnel who relocate frequently, college students studying abroad or traveling home, or those experiencing a significant change at home. By having a reliable and convenient space to park, you’ll know your vehicle has a place until you need it next. 

Preparing Your Vehicle for Storage

Before your vehicle goes into storage, there are several things you should do to prepare to ensure its long-term well-being. Begin by cleaning your vehicle thoroughly inside and out. This not only maintains the aesthetic value of your vehicle but also prevents rust, dust, and pest accumulation. If you’re storing your car, boat, or RV outside, we recommend investing in a high-quality cover to protect it from dust, debris, and sun exposure. 

You should also take care of any needed repairs and other physical maintenance. Staying up to date on regular maintenance can help you stay ahead of any performance-related issues and extend the life of your vehicle. Before beginning your storage lease, you will need to provide the facility manager with ownership information including proof of ownership, insurance, and registration. While it may take time to complete these steps, preparing your vehicle for storage ensures you’ll be ready to hit the road as soon as your next adventure is planned!   

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Finding room for your car, boat, or RV at home can be difficult, particularly if you’re working with limited parking space. Give your vehicle breathing room and eliminate stress by renting a vehicle storage unit from Superior Storage. We offer options for covered and uncovered vehicle storage in multiple sizes with flexible month-to-month leases that let you control how long you keep your space.

Ready to get the ball rolling? Find a Superior Storage facility that offers boat and RV storage near you today! You can also explore our FAQ page and first-time mover’s guide for additional information.

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